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this word originated on nob hill circle in longwood, florida. there once was a dog named tiffy. tiffy used to jump a lot, and sometimes she would even jump on the table. her owners used to say "DOWN TIFFY!" so as a joke we would say DOWN TIFFY to each other. This is where tiffstaa originated through this inside joke the whole world now uses tiffstaa as a funky fresh word to describe someone fun or hip. The word "tiffstaa" has now gone global being used in cities such as Orlando, Miami (basically all of Florida), New York City, New Orleans, Sydney, Melbourne, Prague, Vienna and Tuscaloosa; everyday this word meets the ears of new people in new places. Enjoy this word but use it wisely!
for example one could say tiffstaa B or tiffstaa C. You take tiffstaa and put before a nickname or name !
by tiffsta b and tiffsta c July 10, 2009
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