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A Tieanti can be weird, funny, and smart. Tieanti is a beautiful person with a lot of different personalities, Tieanti can be a person who makes you pee yourself with the power of laughter. Tieanti is so nerdy and can usually be an indoor person/ just want to watch movies all day or like to sleep in for the WHOLE day. even though some tieanti's can be indoor people tieanti can always turn into an outgoing, adventures fun loving person. every friendship should always have a tieanti in it. so to sum it up a tieanti can be an indoor/outdoor funny and nerdy binge watcher every one should have a tieanti in their life
'' Hey did you see the hottest girl in the world walk past us''?
'' Dude she the beautiful Tieanti ''
by the_weird_girl_ July 20, 2017
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