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A hot male or female with a sexy body that you want to slam against rapidly.
Yo're one fine thunder chunky. Wanna slam?
by chunky mama July 13, 2006
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The leg/ thigh region which also includes the buttocks of a female. Usually large with dimplings of cellulite that can be seen from afar. Often it wiggles on its own free will, and has a tendancy to get hot from friction burns.
Damn that chick has got her Thunder Chunkies on...

Bitch...if you keep eating you will be Thunder Chunkies!

Those spandex really show off your Thunder Chunkies...
by Druid3-17-74 July 07, 2010
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A "obese" person that can run a 5sec 4Oyard sprint, a 8 minute mile, or can jump 30 inches or higher.
Man 1:Wow, that fat guy just robbed the supermarket!
Man 2:Where is he, where did he go?
Man 1:MAN!, he ran fast as hell! Yo, I think he was a thunderchunky.
by Mike G. AKA atlnino July 18, 2006
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