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The act of using the text message feature of a cellular telephone to vividly act out sexual acts. Similar to cybersex, but pertains exclusively to the use of text messaging - does not include instant messaging or the use of a webcam.
I had thumbsex with my girlfriend in class today, and the girl sitting next to me saw my boner.
by slovaksensation July 10, 2008
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When two people hold hands and run their thumbs around the other persons thumb or twiddle the thumbs.
"omg! Guess wat me and Anton did last night," said Cici
" you mean..." said ary
" we had thumb sex.. In the movies!!!" cici exlaimed?
" did he use a glove?" asked ary
by Definedgirl4756 April 07, 2010
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when she grabs your hand and treats your thumb like yo dick and you high key bust a nut
bĂŚ-*grabs thumb and jerks it off, initiates thumb sex
bruh- *blows a load to fucking mars
by roastinsnakesandfuckinrakes April 19, 2017
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