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It's essentially a substitute for running game at the ladies (or guys), although many different situations can call for its use:
*when you're hitting on an attractive gal/guy at your local watering hole.
*when you're in the throws of passion with a gal/guy.
*when you're having relations with her/his friend behind her/his back.
*when you've been single for a very long time and find refuge in risque-themed web sites
"Did you see those two 'girls' Joe A Kim Noah was photographed with at the White House? I'd expect the NCAA M.O.P. to be throw-dribbling with better looking broads than that."
"Man, did you guys see that pig he left the bar with last night? If he throw-dribbled with her, I'm going to be sick."
"They all atempted to throw dribble, they all got called for travelling - multiple times. I however had many a chance to throw dribble and judiciously decided to use my moves only when in the presence of NBA level talent and not two star rivals prospects."
by Bridget311 May 02, 2006
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