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scientific terminology; adjective

1) of, or pertaining to, a threesome
2) containing or marked by qualities related, but not limited to, a gangbang of three participants
3) the ability to be characterized by, or described as, the term 'katypizzaesque'

synonyms: prude, total prude, complete prude, such a prude
1) "Oh my, everyone else at the party last night looks so incredibly washed, yet Katy looks beautiful and well rested"
"Yeah, well, that's because her night got threesomnal early and then she just drank by herself in a secluded room and passed out by 10 pm. That's nine hours of sleep!"

2) "Katy, why are you so convinced that you are throwing up even though you clearly are not?"
"I didn't have a threesome tonight, even though I tried to join in on everyone else who was hooking up. My body can't take not having a threesome!"
"Oh, so you're just having threesomnal withdrawal?"

3) "I wish I could have threesomes every day of my life."
"Why do you want to be so katypizzaesque?"
"Because being threesomnal sounds like so much fun! I can have all the sex I want but still be such a prude!"
by JD Da Bo$$ November 06, 2007
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