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If one is unable to reasonably understand a statement uttered by someone, the listener says 'What?'.

If, a 2nd time, either due to inaudibility or a heavy, drunken, southern accent (most commonly Kaintucky), the listener is again prevented from comprehending said statement, the listener is again permitted to respond with 'What?' (or, the 2nd time only, listener may substitute 'Huh?').

BUT, if after a 3rd repeat of the same comment by the same auditor, the listener is yet unable to grasp the meaning of several strung-together, nonsensical ramblings, he/she, as pronounced by the three-what rule, is not allowed to say 'What?' again. It is rude. This time, the listener, as deemed appropriate by situation and/or circumstance, must either:

1)reply quietly with 'mmm-hmmm', accompanied by a very slight head nod.


2)clearly say 'NO', and shuffle off in the other direction.
Southerner: Ah'm lookin for the pawn (or porn?) shop.
Listener: What?
Southerner: Ah sayed, ah'm lookin for that there pawn (or porn??) shop.
Listner: Huh?
Southerner: Friend. This is a simple question. Where is the pawn (or porn???) shop in this here cowpoke?
Listner (as prescribed by three-what rule): No. <shuffles away disjointly>
by duffmandarrah October 11, 2005
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