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The unwritten law in World Wrestling Entertainment (a.k.a.) that states that any storyline that happened more than three months ago never actually happened. The term was coined because Vince McMahon (WWE owner) enjoys insulting the intelligence of his fans by - for example - teaming two wrestlers who as recently as several weeks ago were attempting to kill one another in the context of the storyline.
Guy #1: Last November at the Survivor Series, Steve Austin tried to kill Triple H by having a machine lift the car he was in and drop it to the ground...and a year before that, Triple H had Austin run down by a car...and now they're teaming with each other? What's up with that?

Guy #2: It's the three month rule, dude. It never happened.

Guy #1: Oh yeah. Why does Vince insult our intelligence like this? We're not stupid.

Guy #2: I don't know, dude...I don't know.
by jasonisjericho May 27, 2006
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The unwritten but universally accepted amount of time before a close friend of a friend may get together with said person's ex girlfriend. It may be wise to consult close friend for approval before delving into said ex-girlfriend.
A: Hey, lets break up.

B: Okay.

*Insert Three Month Rule*

C: Hey, I'm B's friend. Wanna bang?

A: Sure.
by Michael Habic June 10, 2008
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