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The practice of keeping only three bullets in your gun. Allows you to get enough shots in to do the damage you need to do, while also minimizing jail time in the event that you get caught. See example.
"I used to have this theory: keep three bullets in the gun
It was a mandatory year up here in Michigan
For each bullet if you got no CCW license
I tried to apply for one, they said it'd take 5-6 months
What the fuck am I supposed to do...mean time my rivals come
Hide that sumbitch in the glovebox or inside the trunk
Now, back to what my three bullet theory was
I'm triple platinum, I ain't tryin' to catch no murder one
Figured I'd shoot to wound, probably miss with at least one
But them other two gon fuck his shoulder and his kneecap up
Then I'm a say it's self defense, how come I had the gun
Was because I was at the range, on my way back from
This dude approached me on some bullshit
I'd get a year for each bullet at the most
As opposed to havin' a full clip in that"
-Eminem (Bizarre-"Hip Hop")
by Nick D October 10, 2005
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