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The most simplistic rower in an eight boat. Can be less experienced than others, or just worse. Traits include the slowest erg times, the worst technique, and the worst ability to understand what the coach is trying to say. That said, they are generally nice, funny guys who are always understanding, no matter how daft they seem in the boat. Also known as the goon of the boat.
Wow! Adam is obviously going to be three seat come racing season!
I want to put DJ in the three seat, his ability to comprehend what I am saying is poor, and I dont want him having more of an effect on the boat.
Wow, Ted is pulling such bad times, and his posture is significantly off. I suggest you move him from bow to three seat, that will suit him better.
Nathan is a novice- put him in three seat so he can learn faster without to much of an important role.
by adumoQQ December 11, 2013
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