Threadshitting is threadjacking with intentionally vile content which includes extremely NSFW images such as tubgirl, goatse, genital mutilation, murder and anything else that a mature, sane person would find offensive and/or disgusting.
The "Desperate Houswives" thread was chugging along nicely until some b-tard threadshit all over it with goatse.
by Stevarian July 06, 2008
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Threadshitting is belittling the topic or the people discussing it on a message board. It typically takes the form of a dismissive comment, like “Who cares?” or “This is stupid!” or similar. The implication of the threadshitter is that discussion of such a topic is beneath them, and should be beneath everybody else.
Once again, Whack-a-Mole was being a complete dick and threadshit on what should have been a fun thread.
by Ice_Burn December 31, 2020
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