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The agent providing a complete social, sportive and professional calendar animating a massive community of friends and believers in an emotional but generous, bullying but jovial, manner. With the power and fury of the red-headed God of Thunder in pagan Norse and Germanic mythologies, the character of the individual acting as thorganizer provides the primary and princpal share of the emotional driving and binding forces behind the group, as he both feeds on and amplifies the social and affective energies at the core of the group's dynamics. By definition, precedence and practice, communities supported by a thorganizer span both borders and continents; expatriates are most common members, although "locals" are both welcomed and loved. (The British version of this term "thorganiser" is not orthographically correct, although forgiven.)
"Although the thorganizer is momentarily out of contact, the Ultimate Frisbee team planned a match in the Balkans, met for a music festival in Norway and re-united for skiing in Canada."
by Steven Uy January 16, 2008
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