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Thimz is quite possibly the most awesome person to ever roam the earth.

He is said to appear in public when there is some dire need of awesome in that place or if someone is genuinely challenging his role of the most awesome person ever.
In the second case he will come and defeat the challenger with a single pelvic thrust.

It is said in legend that Thimz lives in a hidden city which no one is yet to find.
Adventurers and archaeologists have spent billions of dollars trying to find this city.
Person1: Dude that was awesome! That was worthy of Thimz!!!

Person2: Yeah man, i'm way cooler than Thimz.

*Thimz appears and proves his awesome*

Person1: Dude, Thimz is so awesome he makes you look REALLY lame.
by Gregoryduhickson December 23, 2007
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