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A promiscuous, attractive female. Often seen on Instagram or Twitter, yet rarely found to be monogamous. Usually sporting at least two of the following: a perky set of tits, a thick set of thighs, or a firmly rounded butt.

In spite of thiddies having mostly the personality qualities of their sister breed, the basic bitch, their looks make them difficult to resist when encountered in real life. They are high maintenance, requiring special diets, the latest iPhone, and multiple gym memberships to keep them somewhat sane.

If you find yourself interacting with a thiddy, you must proceed with caution as they are all but entirely nonviable in long-term relationships. The recommended course of action upon intimacy with a thiddy is to double bag your dong, then hit it and quit it.

Though few take this recommendation seriously.
"Dude, check out that thicc thot! I bet she's got a fine twat."

"You're silly, P. Diddy. That there is a thiddy."

"A what?"

"A slut with a very nice butt."

"That's fine. She's prime. Now can she be mine?"

"If you ask nicely. But be warned; She's pricey. Personality's icy. Her track record is dicey."

And so poor P. Diddy Caught Chlamydia that day.
by MCG144 February 26, 2018
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