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A code of laws for whores that contains knowledge about:
1.) The appropriate attire of a whore
2.) Whore do's and don'ts
3.) Dealing with other whores
4.) Dealing with pimps
5.) The way of the whore
6.) Whore how to's
7.) Whore history
Example 1:

"Before you can be officially initiated into the cheer squad, you must memorize the Thewhoreus."
by Loose Latina July 23, 2009
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Constantly referring to the thesaurus to find more 'complicated' words than any you can think of; treating the thesaurus like a cheap whore. Often results in an awkward turn of phrase.

Refer to the Twilight series.
Stephenie Meyer is a classic the-whore-us. Her harrowing writing style makes me feel ghoulish.
by Oomploomp September 02, 2010
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