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'theprey' is a compound word denoting the conjunction of the and prey.

The is taken in this context to mean a person.

Prey refers to the fact that this is a person who conceals their true identity through a series of false identities presented online, aliases and assorted other smoke and mirrors designed to obfuscate anyone who tries to find them. They fully understand their role in the hunt - that is, to be the hunted. In their preremptory fabrication of multiple aliases, they have premeditated that this is the position they would prefer to be in in a relationship. Compare to the submissive partner in a DS relationship.

Notes about theprey variants are:

Some enjoy the process of being hunted so much that they will run too far: the predator will lose interest or become so tired by the chase they are forced to give up. These are called thepreytoofast.

Others will begin to use the chase to gather multiple predators, in the knowledge that each in the course of the hunt will be too distracted by the quarry to notice each other. They often end up hurt in the fight at the end, because when a predator finds another who has already cornered his quarry, he will fight for it. These are called thepreyinpain.
I met a theprey last week. He's got four girls following him already, but plays innocent all the time.

She's such a theprey! I've fought off six guys so far and there's still more before I can even approach her!
by Perdido December 12, 2008
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The term (singular or plural) used on fans who look upon their favorite bands/actors/celebrities as gods, or as something to be obtained. Usually around the age of 14, but can also be older. The Prey are easily duped into believing any rumour about their favorite band, and are quick to jump to conculsions or become upset when their wishes do not go as planned. Usually bordering on a personality disorder. Commonly socially inept.
The Prey girl wrote a horribly written fanfiction story in which she and Gerard from My Chemical Romance got married. When Mr. Way got married in real life, the Prey was upset and cried for weeks.
by RipperReaper September 25, 2007
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