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A person whose entire universe exists only within the walls of a performing arts center. They do not trouble themselves to establish outside friendships/relationships. Their friends are only other theatards; and they only interact during performing arts activities. All conversation and jokes made by a theatard will reference only past performances, quotes from various films, scripts, and popular music. They often break out into torch songs from popular musicals they wish they could star in. A theatard always thinks s/he is "better" at everything, and that all other performers don't know what they're doing. Delusions of grandeur are often observed in a theatard's behaviour.
"What's up with that Keith guy? Everything he says references some other play. I can't even ask him how he's doing; every time I do, he sings something from RENT."

"Yeah, he seems really disappointed he can't play Cosette. Does he have a 9-5 job or anything?"

"Oh, him? He's just a theatard."

"Oh! That explains a lot."
by Aloysia April 26, 2013
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