poor lacey doesnt need the shit of dramatic highschool lowlifes who cant get dick so they have freetime to bother her! NO!NO!
by girl whos got your back November 23, 2003
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1.a girl who has sexual relations with many people

2.a good looking female who have potential

3. a gurl who u would gladly risk going to jail just to have sex with.....(one way or another)
1. Dawg, stop talkin to dat victom man. u gone mess around and catch somethin.

2. Dawg, look at all these victoms up in here!
by KydSeuss June 1, 2006
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A girl who is going to be head hunted;one who everyone wants head from but just wont give it to em
Man 1:Yo that bitch is a head hunter victom
Man 2:Na man I tried that she just won't do it
by #1bitch in charge April 8, 2009
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