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A person on an instant messenger service (such as msn) which lives to annoy his or her contacts through a series of carefully thought out strategies and or utter nuisance. The sean treatment often involves receiving countless 'nudges' (msn feature), vague answers to simple questions --- replying with either "..." or "some would say that" and even using the silent treatment to infuriate their contacts. The sean treatment has an unpredictable life-span as people who simply cannot stand the constant annoyance will block them, whereas people who require them for information and opinions (or general chat) have to put up with these shenanigans.

The sean treatment involves varying levels of annoyance, depending on the persons mood and whether or not they are antogonised. In extreme levels, constant nudging is followed by endless silent periods and bascially anything that is typed to them in this time is followed by a "..." --- some say that if two similar people are ever to be added to the same conversation, the world will end soon after.
>>> Jeff: oi bro... that chick that just added me is one of your friends. is she ne hot? or is she a mess... cuz if its the latter im gonna give the bitch the sean treatment in hope that she'll block me.


>>> Trent: ffs im trying to fucking work. do u want me to fucking block u cunt? this time ill make it a one month block + delete.

Mick: <nudge>
Mick: ...
Mick: <nudge>

Trent: <block + delete>

Mick: what a fucken puss
by omg i am wtf uber June 17, 2007
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