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nothing is 'fetch' at pius xi, one of the most infamous private high schools in the midwest. but there is definately an abundance of bimbos running around with 'FITCH' plastered across their chests. not to mention the skanks who'd like to consider themselves 'hippies' that really just shop at target and peace signs are a MUST HAVE. but if you aren't fitch or hippie bitch, then who are you?
walk down into the union (yes, they call their cafeteria the 'student union') and take a glance at the way the tables are arranged. in the furthest corner away from the student entrance, you'll find th 'popular' seniors. the table is filled with meat heads, bit-titted hoes, and just flat out dumb fucks. you may be wondering why the table next to that of the senior jocks is sometimes empty. it's usually because the art kids are on the 6th floor doing what they do best, art. but once in a blue moon,you've found yourself the 'art-floor kids' a table away, eating a salad of some sort, or chomping on some carrot sticks they bought from Outpost (ohhhh how eco-friendly they are!). Then you get yourself the wanna-be's, the nothings, the nobodys. not now at least, but they will most likely be your boss someday. two more tables down is the very last of the far back. it's the black-box and choir room kids, talking about who gets to do the lights this upcoming play as they gulp down their mt. dew and pop those sour skittles to get that extra sugar high (compliments of Sodhexo- the shittiest food service possible for hire at pius). back tracking to the middle, there is a table for those 'special' kids. not the rich, bitchy, get-everything-i-want kids... the goth kids. the freaks. once in awhile you'll hear a wierd yelp and an outburst of uproarious laughter that kills your ears.
to the middle row.
well, on the window side, there are the 'skaters'. and they get the whole union in an uproar when they decide to put some piss in ASF's cup. but let's move over now.
thereeeee we have it- the 'druggies' the 'douch-bags' the 'sluts' the 'manwhores' and most importantly, the 'drug-dealers', all at one table, nickle and dimed. suddenly moving on, you're in the land of loser frosh's/sophmores/juniors/ocassional senior(s) who have no real group because they are just socially-inept and it is not that they refuse to conform, it's just that they fail at the act, or in their case, the attempt of the act, to conform. they still watch iCarly and the sweet life of zach and cody on weekends, and sometimes they get to stay up to watch lizzie mcguire (which, btw, airs at 10:30pm)but lets not forget the little FROSHIES! well, they aren't allowed to sit on the big kids side of the lunch room, so they basically have to cross the border into mexico-city to eat their meals. like to admit it or not- pius is more segragated than most people realize. but everyone always seems to negate that fact since pius is such a 'different' 'accepting' community of jesus-worshipers. (no pun-intended upon the religious objection in the past sentence, it is just a mere fact.) so you got the froshes sitting crushed in one table. the bitchy sophs who think they're hot shit sitting one table away, and another up. and the mexicans line the pasta bar. hence--'the border'. the front of the union holds no real pride. for anyone. it's pathetic. no one at pius is nice enough to ask new or shy kids to sit with them, cuz uk, that would be fucking blasphemy to be NICE to someone for ONCE in their oh so fucking TERRIBLE lives. so that's what the front is for. the kids who sit alone. some of those kids are really nice too. sadly enough, 1/9 will probably go home and kill themselves. and right next door to them are the official 'nerds'. yes, the kids who wear glasses and bring down their laptops down to the union and their books sprawled across the damn table. either their noses are in a book, or all up in the monitor screen of the laptop as they play runescape or WOW-C. now this ladies and gentleman, is pathetic. the whole union establishment. kids get things thrown at them if they aren't alike or if they aren't wearing what's 'in' from HCO or A&F. they get laughed at in the fast food register lines because they got skim milk and a pop-tart. but even worse, they're picked on because they brough a bagged lunch from home because they are "too poor to afford union 'food'". yet it's the kids who sit in those drugdealing skank cliques that are up in the lines shiesting nacho cheese and pop-tarts. this is BEYOND pathetic. and sadly, nothing will ever be done. once the 'union, always 'the union'. so beware of where you sit and what you eat.

the pius cliques
Popular kid 1- "Hey look at that loser over there! Shes eating a sandwhich from home and reading a book"
Popular kid 2-"Yeah lets throw this pickle that I stole (even though its only 25 cents) at her!"
Popular kid 1: "Yeah dude for sure!"
*pickles thrown, hits girl in eye.*
"loser girl": Holds back tears, runs to the bathroom and cries.

HCO Girl walks by the mexicanos
Mexicano uno: speaks obnoxiously in spanish. bla bla bla biggg tits fo a whte girll ey yi yi yi yi"
HCO Girl: *smiles and goes to 2nd floor gym, and fucks the said mexicano for about seven straight mods.*

Popular boy:"What are you doing next mod?"
Popular girl:"Going to the 5th floor bathroom with you *winkyface.*
Popular boy: Okay...*gets a whopping 4 inch erection*.
Friend of popular girl and boy: Awww you guys are soo cute!!
Rest of popular table: "Yeah DEF!"
*popular boy and girl walk to fifth floor bathroom*
Everyone at the popular table: What faggots! *then they all just go have a huge orgy but they dont get introuble for skipping class because they play football and can beat a pitty little school such as Milwaukee Lutheran.
by PIHIXIIII August 24, 2008
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