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A myspace site which is used to post embarassing photos or just normal photography around the Newport Beach and Costa Mesa area. It was created in Newport Beach, California. By a girl named Anna Rosete. The one who actually came up with the idea was Joseph Tenore.
Anna Rosete partnered with friend Melissa H. For a while until friendship was ended then Anna had to take charge of the photo-taking herself.
Was started in 2007, at first they used the normal diginal cameras and sidekick camera, aka the worst cameras. Then upgraded to a nikon D40 and Canon.
The photos are just mainly upon young students who Attend Newport Harbor high School, and previously Ensign Intermidate School.
It started as a progidy of
But then once it got more attention the website was changed up a bit.
The Myspace Site is well known in Schools such as: Newport Harbor, Ensign Intermidte, Corona Del Mar, Orange Cost Collage, Costa Mesa High School.
Once you look at the photo albums you might find pictures of yourself there that you never thought were taken. You can look at the site by going to
Chrissy: OMG you'll never belive, I saw a picture of Dillon kissing that slut Amber on the ostridge face!

Kate: OMG no way! Show me!

(They check the ostridge face photo albums and find the picture of Dillon)

Kate: WTF I can't belive this! He asked you out so many times!

Chrissy: I KNOW! Ill never fuck him now.

The next day at Newport Harbor.

Josh: Dude Dillon, Chrissy saw a picture of you kissing Amber on the Ostridge Face, now Chrissy says she'll never have sex with you.

Dillon: FUCK! I should have never let Anna take pictures of me kissing that slut Amber then post them on the Ostridge Face!
Now every school is gonna know I hooked up with her.
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