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is the most creepy-ass movie EVER! but yet is soooo awsome. also somewhat confusing but you get it in the end.
girl:: there's something wrong w/ that house...
counsler:: i've already been there with the police, there's nothing there
girl::yes there is and now she's gonna try and find you...
counsler:: what are you talking about?
girl:: i told you-
counsler:: she's already here...*turns blue and makes wierd noise**
yea like i said, the grudge 2 is a creepy ass movie...
by bellabongg October 29, 2006
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some crappy movie they decided to come up with as a sequal to the first grudge. filled with holes, non sequitors and a random girl who decides to drink her vomit on camera.
"Hey did you see the grudge 2 in theaters a few years back?"
"Did you?"
"Hell no man."
by imyourmothergtfothecomputer November 02, 2009
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