where you will find a pot of gold planted by a lepricorn who is is too generous for it's own good.
there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow....
by jollypenguin July 26, 2005
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In a world where jizz can be multi-colored, a technique where 7 guys all with different colored jizz are jerked off by a midget in a leprechaun suit into the rectum of a pot of gold aka some chick. *If the woman prefers, spraying rainbow colored jizz out of the anus is optional and may be enjoyable for some parties.
7 guys all with different colored jizz step into a room with a leprechaun:
Guy 1: "Hey guys I'm red this time.:
Guy 2: "You were red last time, how about you be green this time?"
Guy 1: How about you fuck a midget. I'm red. You cock jock.
Midget: "Come on guys, lets get wankin'. This chaik is ready for the end of the rainbow."
Guy 4: "Hope she totally sprays that shit all over my balls this time. You know, cause Im into that sort of thing." (*refer to optional rule)
Guy 6: "Come on, you guys are holding up the line. Midget get over here and spank my junk around so I totally jizz in this pot of gold aka this chick who is a total slut."

by Joe Ali January 22, 2008
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During sex, one partner fills his or her mouth with lucky charms, places a funnel in the other partner's asshole, proceeds to pour milk into the funnel, and drinks the milk out of the asshole. This results in an asshole milk-lucky charm concoction that is magically delicious and sexually arousing.
Man: You want to do an end of the rainbow?
Woman: Nah, the funnel doesn't fit anymore, it's too loose.
by 2Interstellar April 18, 2015
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at the time of climax during sex, the male extracts and deposits on face, back, belly, etc. As the payload lands the male dusts the covered area with glitter(preferably gold) and yells "pot o gold".
The young boy seemed puzzled as his sister ran frantically into the bathroom, and he asked her boyfriend as he came out of her bedroom, " why was she so mad about being all shiny?". The boyfriend replied " she's not mad, she just found the end of the rainbow."
by Theodore Crispin February 23, 2011
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