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A type of walk after a horrible drunk one night stand. The crazy college parties usually get you a hot, sex filled one night stands, but this one didn't. This guy (or girl) did not know what they were doing, you didn't enjoy it. Now, you just woke up, threw your clothes on, and ran out their dorm. What makes matters worse is that you feel sticky, you reek of sex, and your clothes are drenched (hopefully in only sweat). You walk like you just got out of the gym and you haven't showered. You left the gym 10 hours ago.
Sara: Hey Al, why're you walking like that? You have an "accident"?
Alexis: Don't mock the dirty waddle, I'm not in the mood.

Sara: Haha, so the one night stand was not so great?
Alexis: Not as great as I thought it'd be, he was horrible!
by alexvause September 06, 2016
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