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the hardest rocking band this side of jupiter! you know it man.. fronted by the sexiest man since mick jagger (see dolf de datsun)
by little sister February 19, 2004
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A fantastic new zealand band. They kick so much arse, bits amazing. i saw them live and can easily say it was one of the best nights of my life.
Me: the datsuns kick arse
anyone with ears: yes, yes they do
by Swanage February 15, 2005
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Man, this band kicks utter ass. All four are great musicians, but my personal favourite is Phil, the rhythm guitarist who looks a bit woman-like. But Christian, the other guitarist, does some kick-ass solos. Despite looking like a horse.

I am seeing them live in 5 days, and can't wait at all.

Particularly good songs: Blacken My Thumb, Sittin' Pretty, Motherfucker from Hell and Transistor.
Argh! Datsun-ness-ness-ness-ness on Thursday! Aaaaaargh! Omg, yay!
by hermaphrodite June 05, 2004
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A KICK-ASS band, the modern led zep, from New Zealand. Responsible for some of the most orgasmic guitar you will ever hear...
emo-kid: Dude, DASHBOARD RULE!!!
me : shut the hell up and listen to the Datsuns, a band that has ORIGINALITY and TALENT...and is not fake.
by brown October 20, 2004
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