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1. The cheeseballs problem is a horrible pandemic. When you and your woman lie in bed naked together, and men who have encountered this understand that after a while.. food starts showing up. Specifically cheeseballs. Whyis this a problem? Well as any man knows, when your naked in bed with your woman, sex can occur. Oral sex involving cheesy hands, to grasp a man's balls. His balls are now orange with cheese. They don't notice and lie back down. They continue watching The Wizard. The cheese balls have spilled onto the man's lap, his woman's face on his lower abdominal area. She reaches for a cheeseball and put it in her mouth. She encounters a very chewy cheeseball which is followed by a shrill scream. The woman has bitten this man's cheese covered tesicle. The cheeseballs problem is to be taken seriously.
Fred Durst: Yeah man, I been having the cheeseballs problem again.
Tommy Lee: Dude, me to. My kidneys are killing me.
by JustCallMeHughGrant December 08, 2009
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