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Attempt to purchase a meal to find out you over drafted that morning for two weeks on you debit card.

Gotta stretch 7 dollas for 4 days til you paid eating off the dollar menu for lunch.

Your bank account got the same 82 cents for 4 months str8 since no job called you back yet and you hoping yo bank don't charge you no service fee.

You offer to take a girl out but secretly hoping she pay for herself.

Gas light been on 3 weeks still two weeks away from payday.

Co-Worker: Yo can you spot me a ride home?
Co-worker 2: can't today bro gas light is on and gotta make to til pay day.
Co-Worker: damn breh the broke'ness pay day a whole week away. How long yo gas light been on?
Co-Worker2: shit since last week... Smh the broke'ness
by JaccSun2717 July 02, 2014
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