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I am the BOAT the Best of All Time. I can do every thing the best and better than you. I am the best at: Fish eating , Hunger ending, bear Killing, Wife sexing, Door Bell ringing, Drill drilling, Cap Piping, Bird Chirping, Moon Watching, Lego Avoidance, Restroom Sign Hanging, Soda Refilling, Three point Shooting, Microwave using, Pillow Fighter, cigarette lighter, Charcoal igniter, Suicider, Tooth Brusher, Tree Hugger (but not before the date), Bleach Drinker, Arabic Singer, Love Creator, $$$ Maker, Nature Mother, Baby Boomer, Body Glitterer, Carpet Spinner, Police Inforcer, LA Lawyer, Perfume Buyer, Consistent Lair, Hand Signer, Deaf Wisperer, Close Eyed Seer, Puppet master, Back Waxer, Cartoon Watcher, Pillow Talker, and Coma User. I am the Greatest at all things that have ever been things I am even the best at being Bill Cosby. My Name Is Kendrick Keller and I an simply The Best Person In The World!!!!
"I am Kendrick I am simply the best I can not lose because the is nothing that I try in which I do not surpass all others. I am the best person of all time. "
by Dr. Strange June 15, 2014
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