What comes next. A little innuendo about getting to the "best" part, moving past flirting and getting down to it, time to get it on.
I really like what you're doing here, yet, I think you're gonna have to work just a little bit harder baby.
Yes boss, let me do the b part, pllllleeeeaaase!
by globular46 August 18, 2011
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The body below the waist, in particular the genitals, buttocks, and anus.

From Gundam where in some of the series when the mecha breaks in half, the two halves are called the "A parts" and the "B parts".
"Holy shit, dude, cover your b-parts with a towel or something! My girlfriend is in the house!"
by Dr. Buttz May 4, 2009
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The Linda Vista 13 gang include Clikas (sets that correspond to a bigger gang) of Tecolotes 1960s, Morley St Boys 70s, Lokos 70s-80s, Raskols 80s, Peewees 90s, Tiny Locos (1997- Present). LV13 is one of those gangs who are hated by every other gang in San Diego. Historically, LV13s rivals are Mission Bay, Old Town San Diego, East San Diego, and most gangs from South East San Diego. Newer rivals consist of Linda Vista Crip ( reason: young generation of LVC claim NorthSide instead of West Side and LV13 is a Southerner Gang), Bloods, South East Lokos 13, Clairemont, Luni Mob & Fk ( fuck klowns) which are known to be wannabe clicks (not a real gang or weak in numbers. According to FBI investigations, there are about 150 to 200 active and non-active gang members from the incorporated LV13 street gang alone. Because Operation Blue Rag (police strategy to take down Crips in San Diego) and the 2001 gang injunction for LV13 (police strategy to take down Linda Vista 13 gang members, it has forced many gang members from Linda Vista to leave the area in order to escape prosecution.
were u from loko,ws sd!! Varrio Linda Vista 13 part B
by LVdog December 12, 2010
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