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A hardcore punk band from Indianapolis, Indiana. Members included, Paul Mahern, David "Tufty" Clough, Mark Cutsinger, and Terry Hollywood.

In 1982 they released their first full length album called Vicious Circle. Unfortunately, after the album became a hit, bass player David Clough left and joined Toxic Reasons, a band from Dayton. The band did manage to record a few more tracks but broke up before an album was finished.

Around 1990, Selfless released a 7" single featuring the Zero Boys on one side and Toxic Reasons on the other. The Zero Boys then reformed with a new bass player and guitarist and recorded two further albums, Make It Stop (released on Germany's Bitzcore label in 1992) and The Heimlich Maneuver (released on Skyclad in 1993.)
In the last couple of years, the band has reunited for the occasional show, such as one of a series of shows at CBGB's designed to raise money to help keep the club open.
Paul Mahern went on to form the Power pop band the Datura Seeds and has since become a producer.
I saw The Zero Boys play last night at Radio Radio
by April 23, 2006
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