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The shaking of a males penis after he's finished peeing to get the drips off.
John: Its been a while since I pissed, man. This'll be a while.
Dave: You better do the dick whip dance or you'll be in there for days.
by Geraldines buttcrack December 10, 2014
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1) A dance originally preformed by Nick Rossi, in 1999 during a drug induced coma, while on a weekend of fun in Tallahassee, FL.

2)...when under the influence of Vicodin, Purple Haze, and beer, to pass out on the couch. Then, someone fake pukes in your ear, and you are abruptly awoken, with eyes as red as a fire engine, you do the Badda Whip Dance, while saying "Badda -Whip, Badda Whip, Badda Whip Whip Whip", then passing direcly back out.

3)The moves are as follows: Moving your arms up and down while half bent, fists clenched, while moving your head side to side, and repeating "Badda-Whip, Badda-Whip, Badda Whip Whip Whip.
1) Nick Rossi, the founder of the Badda-Whip Dance is the king of the dance, do not challenge his greatness, you are not worthy.

2)Holy shit, I couldn't believe Chi-Chi did the Badda-Whip Dance when Whap puked in his ear, now that was a great performance.

3) (before getting extremely stoned) Everybody do the Badda-Whip Dance, now move your arms up and down, shake that head side to side, go go go.
by Blip_Rogers July 12, 2009
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A dance for people who are too retarded for dancing and they must use a fisting movement as a dance....this is because they are probably a fat or too lazy person to even try to do anything else
Guy:is that fat lazy dude fisting the air...what is he retarded?

Guy2:nope he's doing the whip dance
by Thebobmarleyking January 4, 2017
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