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(n): the state of mind during/after 24hrs of red bull ritalin and cigarettes.
1)Once upon a time...
Carolyn: I was tweaking out so hard last night
SnakeTip: Why?
President Bill Clinton: I did not do DMT and have sexual relations with that woman!

President Bill Clinton again: Yo yo Tip!
SnakeTip: Wow, yeah man (pause) wow

Carolyn: Yeah I was there too man yesterday, after that much red bull ritalin and cigarettes...the whackness effect took hold.

the symptoms of the effect include totally fucking tweaking out!

2) (n): of Latin effecti whacknium

Tipus de Snakus: Effecti whacknium me faceat tweaka

(trans) Snack Tip: The whackness effect made me tweak the fuck out!

3) (v):

President Bill Clinton: I whackness effected it so hard last night, my sheets are now purple.
by DavidAllenStern May 09, 2011
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