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stealth campain of scientology for their search for power and money. consists of a lot of reflective actually usefull themes on how to improve one's life with simple, small things to do better. sad is, that one could get to the opinion it is an invention of scientology or by other reasons could only be practised by scientologists. as if it is a patent. so conscious studying scient's "way to happyness" is always of a critic kind against the company of scientology and not about learning something usefull. it says more about the company than about oneself.
Delighted: Heyo don't you wanna know the way to happiness?!
Useful person: I've got enough to do with my own way.
Delighted: But we know exactly what you need!!
Useful person: I need chocolate.
Delighted: No you don't!

Useful person: Heya, don't you have the key to happiness?
Delighted: No I'm so delighted, but I got chocolate. From Scientology Switzerland.
Useful person: Oh thanks, you Scientologists are very useful.
Delighted: Thats what we're brainwashed for! Dudelidu.

by gnapsat April 19, 2008
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