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three editors on Urban Dictionary who spend more time ripping on each other and others than editing defs.
Once upon a time, there were three bears. One was called E-ACHU, who sneezed venom on the UD website and was superior to all other bears (at least in his own mind). One was called hammered......... hymen, who listened to music no one ever heard of (some of which nevertheless was cool) and let everyone know that he was the wisest one of all. The last was claymore, who would blow up for no good reason if you touched him (just like a claymore mine) and was therefore the best of the best. One day the three bears were arguing again about which one was the finest editor on UD, when all of a sudden a great big foot came down from the sky and crushed them to the tune of Sousa's "Liberty Bell March." And the rest of us lived happily ever after. AMEN
by a random UD editor, that's all October 28, 2005
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