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This select group of people chosen to live to a higher standard of being awesome, legendary, pullers, rushers, beer pong gods, and the best people you will ever know. To be accepted and taught of this lifestyle is to commit to being down for the crazy stuff without hesitation such as adventures and stuff involving things like canoes, roofs, hazing, binge drinking, and beer pong. once a skagen you will enter a brotherhood like none other, committed to being along other skagens no matter the distance or circumstances. everyone else that has not earned the title or right to be a skagen will now be know as pledges and must be treated as such.
Why does that guy on the beer pong table keep saying skagen to those other guys? bro you dont know? those are the skagens, they dont mess around, everyone knows they are the shit, dont even try to take them off the table they will sweep you out like dust in the wind.
by thebossman1911 October 03, 2014
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