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(noun) the awkward dance you do in front of the toilet in a public restroom because youโ€™re trying to set up TP on the toilet seat but it keeps autoflushing and sucking everything in, so you try to set up as quickly as possible while maintaining your presence in front of the sensor
Max: You know when a public restroom has a toilet with an autoflush sensor and you're trying to set up a toilet paper buffer on the seat before you sit down and it keeps autoflushing and sucking all your paper into the toilet before you finish setting up, so you do that awkward move where you're trying to keep your body in front of the sensor while moving as fast as possible to get set up before the autoflush buzzer? I fucking hate that. I wish there was a word for that stupid little dance instead of having to explain the whole thing every time.

Tim: Oh, you mean the shitterbug.

Max: Damn, did you just make that up on the spot?!

Tim: Yeah.

Max: Youโ€™re a pun god.
by Maxwell Dope January 12, 2014
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