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1) a. The "god" of prostates (as hailed by both men and women-- yes, we all have this gland; cf. JNCI) or the god-like providence of such an erogenous gland. b. The protector god of anal pleasure. c. The protector bunny-god of LGBTQ or Alternaqueer communities.

2) a. The figurative OMG moment during prostate stimulation, typical during anal sex, when his/her Holy Spirit can be felt best. b. Via prostate stimulation, the spiritual, existential or ecstatically all-encompassing feeling of pleasure, eye-rolling chills, and of life being worthwhile and having meaningful purpose.

3) Tu'er Shen (Chinese: ???, The Leveret Spirit) or Tu Shen (Chinese: ??, The Rabbit God), is a Chinese deity who manages the love and sex between homosexual men. His name literally means "rabbit deity" (cf. Wikipedia)
"...prone before the prostate god, I discovered the all-powerful P-Spot"

"Now, after many years of practice, and with the help of technological advancements, I can feel the presence of the prostate god even in public!"
by Karuṇā November 28, 2015
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