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1.) lebron james' ability to turn any straight basketball-loving man gay through his beastly skill and ability

2.) lebron james' ability to bring good to everything in his life, just by being lebron james
1.) while watching the cavs game, a boy told his girl how he would literally have sex with lebron if he could. then, when lebron made a 3 pointer in the last second to win the game, the boys orgasmic reaction made the girl feel as though she traded her boyfriend for a shopping buddy, a common result of the lebron james effect

2.) because of their uncanny skill at being lebron james' children, lebron james' children, who are still quite young, have already been offered college basketball scholarships. lebron junior and his less fortunately named brother are firsthand witnesses to the lebron james effect
by somechickinohio July 06, 2009
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