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A sex position that is sometimes painful to the female during sex. You take a sturdy object that is about the same height of the female's armpits used for her to lean on while the male is standing behind the woman and humps her in either the ass or the vagina. This will cause an orgasm for both the male and the female.
Dave: Hey babe, what position do you want to try now?
Brittany: I don't know. What did you have in mind?
Dave: I think we should do the lean doggy. Grab that table, stand it up, lean on it, and then let me hump you. I
Brittany: Wouldn't that hurt?
Dave: Yes, but it will give you a very long orgasm.
Brittany: Okay, only because I haven't had an orgasm from you since our honeymoon 4 years ago.
by JakePauler4LifeWasTaken May 21, 2018
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