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The double blackout is when you go day drinking, and blackout for the first time before noon. You won’t know what happened but when you wake up there could be a stranger in your bed and you could be naked. That’s when you start to piece your day together and wonder what happened with the stranger. However, it’s only 4pm and your friends want to meet up. That’s when you rally. The probably ends with shots of tequila and throwing up in an alley outside some kind of shit smelling Indian restaurant. But you don’t know bc you just did the double blackout. The next morning is a rough one.
Hey Carey! I don’t remember shit. I feel like a dirty whore bc I woke up after my first blackout and couldn’t remember if I fucked this guy named Steve. He seemed cool though so we rallied. We were up until 6 am when I blacked out again, but the last thing I remember is sucking his dick in the last bar we were in. It was another of the double blackout for me...
by Larry and Rex July 15, 2018
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