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A sexual position named after a college student. The act consists of two men having sex. One man standing while the other man mounts him from behind and wraps his legs around him while inserting his penis into the other man's anus. While reaming the man's asshole, the mounter begins to shit himself, but the shit must be a very specific kind of shit, it must be explosive diahrea. The force of the shit being expelled must be great enough to form the shape of a rooster tail. While fucking the other man's ass and shitting in the form of a rooster tail, the mounter must dip his feet in vegetable oil (or any other lubricant) and then give the mountee a reacharound using his feet. Thus, a Chrivers is performed. This sexual feat has only been achieved once by the person it was named for.
the phrase "the chrivers" in daily use:

"Dude did you hear about John and Joe?"
"No what happened?"
"Well apparently they got really shit faced and started going at it."
"That's pretty gross dude."
"No, that's not even the gross part. Do you know what a Chrivers is?"
"You mean the guy from second floor?"
"No, the sexual position."
"What the fuck?"
"Look it up on It's pretty fucked up. Anyways, Joe did it to John. It's kinda freaking me out."
by Mr Eric D November 01, 2006
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