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This was a phrase frequently heard on the "ride home" at radio station WPGC in Washington, DC. DJ Celo, the Super Funk Regulator would say this to callers that report their current location, their response would be "thanks for letting a brother/sister roll."

** Morning DJ, Elliot Segal (Elliot in the Morning show) simply used the phrase as sattire - he didn't coin the the phrase at all. He also often joked on air in a tongue-in-cheek manner that many of his listeners were not the most cultured people (i.e. failure to realize that the phrase in question came from a black radio station!)
"Where you at right now?" asked the DJ.

"I'm on Benning Road, heading home from work."

"Who you goin' to see?"

"My son Darius," said the woman giggling, obviously hyped to be on the radio and live. "He's ten years old."

"You have a good one," said the DJ. "Thanks for rolling with a brother."

"Thanks for lettin' a sister roll."

Strange smiled. He did love D.C. (George Pelecanos, Soul Circus, 2003)
by Lateef X March 10, 2011
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A phrase used to thank someone for going somewhere or hanging out. The phrase was coined by a shock jock out of D.C. named Elliott. The proper response to this phrase is "thanks for letting a brother roll"
As Marc got in his truck to leave he said "Thanks for rolling with a brother", Jason in return said "Thanks for letting a brother roll".
by Biginuf2500 August 01, 2006
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