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Governance of the living
by the long-since
and nearly departed.
After eighteen years of indoctrination,
one has a chance to cast a vote for someone who may influence the next set of rules. With no expiration dates, or method of review, the laws keep piling up in a thanatocracy. When formal legal instruction is unavailable to the ordinary citizen without inordinate expense, the laws become a matter of hearsay, yet 'ignorance of the law' is no excuse, and poor people only get access to lawyers when they've been arrested. The rich buy lawyers, lobbyists, the occasional politician, and equal justice becomes unattainable.

It has been theorized that a society could exist in which the laws were considered to be the property of the people they belong to. In such a society, ANY citizen, regardless of social strata, could walk into an office of the LAW to find the answer to any question they might have regarding that which pertains to them without charge of any kind, as a public service. If there were any such thing as security in this society the same would be true in a hospital. If that social security numbbber really meant something.

Fuzzy math, indeed.
by Healing Practitioner17b March 19, 2009
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