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Thanairy is the definition of love. When she loves you she will never give up, she will make mistakes, although she will always try to fix them.. you should never listen to Thanairy when she's mad, she could be a whole different person! Thanairy is worth your time, and if you have her love don't push her away, she's very emotional, when it comes to sentimental times.. but she will always be there for you. Thanairy could be a pain in the ass sometimes, but then again she's worth it. So if your a boy and your reading this, and you have her love don't give up. Something I didn't mention is that Thanairy she keeps her promises, might take long but she will always keep them.! Thanairy is a beautiful, talented, smart, brave, loyal, worthy, trustly courages young lady. Let me assure you, that if you ever in a dangerous position she will leave anything and go help. Thanairy, she could be trusted with anything.. Thanairy cares a lot, but ones she stops caring, she won't care for nothing again. She has a bit of the devil inside of her, so make sure not to get to her bad side.. if Thanairy still stood by your side no matter how much you hurt her, don't ever judge her loyalty.. she's been through a lot, and still manages to keep a smile on her face. She crys herself to sleep, she works hard for what she wants, and she'll have the best of the futures. She's a keeper, even though her mistakes might get her though a lot of bad stuff, she won't give up on you, like other people.!
Thanairy may not have the best body, but best believe she'll have one, and all of yous going to be madddd.
by Unknownn June 18, 2018
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