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a combination of the words "they" and "Aint". - commonly heard in the south.
Yo son, thaint gonna do nothin about it.
by Rick Delicious August 10, 2005
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small piece of skin between your balls and your ass hole,:Is not you balls or your ass hole so it your th-ain't
I jumped out of the airplane opened my parachute and landed on a fence pole and injured my th-ain't, one inch more and my balls whould be dangling from the fence.
by donald doyle January 20, 2004
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'There ain't' or 'There is/are not'. Could also mean 'That ain't or 'That is not'. Could also mean 'This ain't' or 'This is not'

I was sitting at work and was talking to a friend of mine about something and for some stupid reason I have been mixing up words with each other all week and this was how the word 'Thain't' was born. It took me a minute to realize I said it but it knew it was a winner and I had to add this to the Urban Dictionary!
Thain't anymore more people coming to this party!

Thain't anyway that's my baby!

Thain't anyway to talk to my sister!

Thain't how you make a sandwich!
by TTownSerialRunr January 31, 2014
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