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Much more than a feel, an underlying truth you have to ignore by watching anime or playing games. It is when you have fully come around to acknowledge that women don't like you, even after you have tried your best, you've thrown away your time for many of em, and still, none of those ladies liked you, or cared for that matter. This term was invented for wizards, incels, and bots, but it has gained some recognition from your average shitty norman who complains about going a year without a girlfriend when the lot of us have never had a female even dare to throw attention at us. Females & normans mostly think this is just a meme but it is much more for the real breathing males out there who feel dead inside without any female encounters or attention for that matter. They don't know what it's like for a man to be isolated from a gender for so long.
Normie Anon:>I miss my gf.... tfw no girlfriend
Anon: Least you had a girlfriend dickface, which obviously means you have the ABILITY to get another one. BTFO normtard
by ImSoNEW July 01, 2018
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