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A Teylah is an amazing women. Surely, she has her ups and downs, but what's unique about her is... she's always smiling. Always ready to see the positive. She's outstandingly drop dead gorgeous, and always ready to slay anyone and anything, when going out. Even for a simple walk in the park, or simply grocery shopping. If she's wearing slip ons with sweat pants, you best believe Teylah is rocking it every second she gets. Teylah is supperficially nice to everyone, always ready to meet new people. But if you cross her, or hurt her in any way... it's over. Consider yourself forgiven and FORGOTTEN. She puts up a border, more like a "front" to those around her, but only because she's been hurt too many times. So, if you get passed that border, consider yourself lucky 'cause now she's approved. She doesn't know it, but she's beautiful and loved my many. BUT when she cares and loves, you'll know it. Because she truly puts all her time and effort into you, no questions asked. If you ever find a Teylah... cherish her. It's SOOOO worth it. Besides she's freaky, who doesn't want freaky??
If you see someone dressed in sweatpants and some slip on sandals, and rocking it .. it's a TEYLAH.
by Psychobih123 May 13, 2018
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