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1. Confusion while texting because of un heard sarcasm or puns, often when one member is joking and the other is serious

2. When you text drunken

3. the act of texting the wrong number not realizing its th wrong number
1 ex. of textafusion

male N "ohhh ya cause your so ugly"
female J " you think im ugly;(;(;("
male N "no i was just jokin babe"
female J "sure"
male N " can i call you?"
female J "yeah."

ex 2. Drunk roomate" jhi89 boobies heu dy you wahhna coma toe mi house?"

sober roomate "what?"

drunk roomate "lats gave rome fun"

sober roomate "are you drunk?"

drunk roomate "kanda hahja f pinda"

isober roomate "imma call you a cab"
by noldizzle bishizzle February 04, 2010
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