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A Texas Prep is unlike any other Prep from the Eastcoast, or the dirrty South.

A Texas prep exhibits similar fashions, however, NEVER shopping at trashy stores such as Hollister, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Old Navy, etc. You will never find a true Texas Prep with a t-shirt with "Let's do it on the beach," written in gold letters across the front. Nor will you find a true Texas prep with a popped collar, often those who think they are Texas Preps exhibit popped collars and sweet aviator-style sunglasses while rockin' their ripped to hell Hollister shit-stained jeans. A Texas Prep would not be caught dead in such attire.
A typically closet for a male Texas Prep will include dress-shirts from J.Crew and Polo, as well as multiple Polo style short sleaved shirts in many colors from Burberry, Polo, Lacoste and the like. Pleated khaki pants are a must as well as a nice leather belt, but never a webbed belt as in the New England Prep style. Often times Oxford style ties are worn with a button up shirt and blazer. Topsiders are certainly worn in Texas, however,the key to a male Texas Prep's wardrobe is his boots. A good pair of custom made boots are what make a Texas Prep truly Texan.
Texas Preps are very well versed in politics and current events and welcome debate on the issues. Many are members of the Young Conservatives of Texas, or the Texas Young Republicans political groups. Many pursue entrepreneurial business ventures and establishing a name for themselves and not solely riding in their parents' wake. In Texas Preps vacation on vast ranches, where we hunt, fish, ride horses, swim and enjoy the beauty of the land.

While most would be quick to state that a Texas Prep would attend SMU, or Trinity or UT Austin, this is certainly not the norm. A true Texas Prep would choose to attend universities in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area purely for the economical and commercial assets availalbe to them upon graduation. Some do attend UT or Texas A&M, but rarely ever schools such as Texas Tech, don't want to be a techtard, or Texas State, unless you're a proffessional alcoholic. Texas Preps attend University purely for the education and social connections which could lead to future opportunities in "the real world" and maintain close ties with friends across the state from high school and such.

Texas Preps do party, after all we are from Texas. However, Texas Preps typically have "get togethers" never raging parties with people sniffing coke off of toilet seats or the cops chaining people to fences. Get togethers do involve drinking, usually Shiner, Ziegen Bock,Corona, Modello and/or good tequilla. On some occassions, however, we will reort to drinking 'Stones or something cheap. Most get togethers occur at someones ranch where a fire is built and good music is played, good conversation strikes upon and life is enjoyed.

The life of a Texas Prep is built on their own merit, sure they might have their parents money, but every one will swiftly resort to modesty if called into question. Honesty, integrity, and self worth are hallmarks of Texas and the Preps carry that tradition on. The guys are true gentleman and the girls true ladies. Always quick to promote congeniality and foster pride in the Lonestar State, Texas Preps lead the great state of Texas.
Thank Y'all for reading.
Girl: Look theres a Texas Prep.
Guy: How can you tell??
Girl: He's dressed like gentry and he's wearin a nice pair of Tony llamas.
Guy: That guy is a god, not the God, but definitely a god.
by Old 97 March 06, 2007
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