Canadian term for mythical - to outsiders anyway - 3 litre (101 oz) glass liquor bottle available at liquor stores in Canada. Contains vodka, rum, or best of all, Canadian rye whiskey. The comically oversized nature of a texas mickey makes it a perfect party showpiece, which is more or less the main reason such bottles exist. for an equal amount of money, more alcohol could be had by buying two 60 oz bottles, but that wouldn't be half as awesome, would it? Pouring from a texas mickey is not very practical so the bottle is usually supplied with a small pump to go on top. Nobody throws out a texas mickey after they're done with it - it goes on display for at least a little while so that when you hold your next party, you can point at it and say "last week we drained that thing in a night, eh?" Also, there are no texas mickeys in Texas...despite the name, the origin of the term is 100% Canadian.
Mike: So how was the party last night?

Dave: Dude, it was totally sweet. We got a texas mickey and split it between us. We got sooooo tanked.
by bikehorn2 April 25, 2006
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Big ass bottles of liquor sold at Canadian liquor stores. Comes in CC Rye, Bacardi Rum, Crown Royal and Absolut Vodka. $100 for 3 Litres (almost a gallon)
joe: whadya wanna do tonite?
bob: lets get a texas mickey and some hoes
joe: dude i'm sick of your mom
by ThaOriginal January 25, 2005
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A large bottle of alcohol available in Canadian Liquor stores.(3Litres or 101oz.)
Can be vodka, rum or canadian whiskey.
101 shots for about $100.
Name derived from the fact that "Everything is bigger in Texas!"
"Yo Jim, wanna get crunk this weekend?"
"Alright we can split the Texas Mickey and the O I picked up"
by Gumby244 February 21, 2009
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